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        With Our Speed and Capabilities, It’s Game On.
        Get a solid content delivery platform that can handle traffic spikes, huge files and diverse geographies—giving your gamers a smooth, powerful experience.

        More gaming. Less complaining.
        Keep your customers happy by delivering a smooth, rich gaming experience free of lag and jitter over a global network that serves customers in more than 60 countries.
        Our content delivery services help you:

        • Increase successful client downloads and installs
        • Improve uptime and application availability
        • Boost end-user satisfaction and adoption
        • Access real-time reporting for critical insights into game delivery and performance

        Our internet services deliver:

        • Proven reliability from a global backbone with expansive peering arrangements for enhanced performance.
        • Scalable, enterprise-grade, high speed dedicated internet access
        • Fewer network hops for a high-quality connection with speed and resiliency
        • Full suite of Managed Security Services for network protection

        Powering Next-Gen Video Delivery
        CenturyLink? CDN Mesh Delivery combines a global CDN with the resilience and scalability of a distributed mesh architecture—so your company can provide smooth, reliable on-demand video and streaming linear channels.  
        Get a network that doesn’t play around
        Gamers expect increasingly immersive, connected experiences—and they don’t want a lagging network to disrupt that experience. CenturyLink delivers the network speed and reliability you need to drive your ideas and empower your gamers.
        Content Delivery Network
        A proven, reliable, high-performance network you can leverage for game delivery, video, applications, websites and more.
        Cloud Connect
        Connect your cloud environments to your company network for greater performance, security and dynamic bandwidth allocation.
        Internet Access
        Dedicated Internet access and high-speed IP offerings combine the speed, global reach and security you need to deliver reliable Internet applications.
        DDoS Mitigation
        Quickly identify and mitigate the latest threats so your business stays online and connected.
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