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        ? HEALTHCARE??

        Improve Outcomes and Patient Care

        Enhancing healthcare IT to improve decision making, collaboration and security across the healthcare ecosystem.

        Explore CenturyLink solutions that will fast-track your business.

        Integrated Customer Experiences From Healthcare Providers

        With thousands of healthcare customers CenturyLink delivers network and IT solutions to provider and payer organizations. Our secure data and communication systems are designed to benefit patients, manage fiscal responsibility and maintain overall compliance.

        With our experience CenturyLink delivers on time, on budget and with the highest level of customer service and support. Whether you need more bandwidth for real-time image transfers, HIPAA compliant infrastructure, or additional security, CenturyLink is 100% committed to be a strategic partner for healthcare organizations.

        Colocation Rather than taking on the risk of on-premise hosting upgrade to one of our over 60 state-of-the-art data centers.
        Managed Hosting Save your resources for business innovation by offloading routine IT infrastructure tasks to our multi-level secured global data centers.
        Data Network Connect your business with high-speed, on-demand MPLS networking to empower employees, satisfy customers and keep you competitive.
        Voice Gain productivity and improve communication through effective systems that can unify your communications.
        Managed Services Get secure and reliable network, infrastructure and application managed services enabling your IT staff to focus on business innovation.
        Security Safeguard your reputation and maintain your business operations using thoughtfully composed technology and expertise in response to threats.
        IT Services & Consulting Leverage CenturyLink experts to empower innovation, improve agility, and build your competitive advantage.
        Nightingale Manages Electronic Health Records using CenturyLink
        Scaling services to serve a multi-national healthcare community.
        See how Nightingale avoided significant capital investments by moving to a CenturyLink Hybrid IT environment.

        Simplify Your Enterprise Wi-Fi

        Connect Wi-Fi visitors, customers and employees with CenturyLink? Managed Enterprise with Cisco Meraki at predictable monthly costs.
        Wifi without Worry

        Wi-Fi Without Worry

        Cloud managed Wi-Fi gives users secure access, protection from malware, and private transactions.

        Fast Deployments

        Fast Deployments

        100% cloud managed Wi-Fi for faster deployment, simplified administration, and richer visibility — all without the need for internal IT resources.

        Activity Monitoring

        Activity Monitoring

        Get advanced reporting tools to help you understand all your user’s activity on your Wi-Fi network.


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