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        Reduce Migration Risks While Improving Efficiency

        Get expert assessment and design assistance to ease your IT transformation.

        We all recognize the need for IT to transform and change, but planning and implementing the right change at the right time without disrupting your own business is a challenge. Our team of expert transition consultants specializes in designing and transitioning your IT environment to an optimized and agile architecture. Our consultants leverage industry best-practices to provide design and transition services for some of your most challenging IT transformations.

        • Minimize production issues and reduce downtime with proven best practices
        • Manage cost and budget pressures. Choose from flexible cost models tailored to your business needs.
        • Future-proof your IT. Address future expansion and transformation needs with support from our hybrid IT environment experts.
        • Bridge resource and skills gaps. You don’t have to know everything. Tap into our expertise for transition and migration.
        Crossing the Migration Chasm
        Discover how to avoid any pitfalls during your migration effort.


        Design & Transition Services

        Achieve all your IT goals with enterprise-class tools and methodologies.

        With CenturyLink, you get design and transition services that aren’t available from local or more specialized consulting firms. Our capabilities include:

        Complete assessment of your applications and infrastructure to help you gain efficiency and future-proof your IT environment. Our data center experts and product offerings help you get the most from what you have.

        • Our automated tools and structured workshops gather information and help us work with you to address the “don’t know what I don’t know” conundrum.
        • Get target-state designs that leverage a variety of platforms for complex, hybrid solutions—from colocation to cloud to managed hosting—for use now or for future expansion or transformation.
        • Stay involved in the process with established governance models for regular reporting and mitigation of any issues that arise.
        • Take advantage of industry best practices in data analysis for the best consolidation and optimization results.

        Minimize risk and maximize ROI with single-vendor convenience and expert knowledge.

        • Keep business operations up and running with less risk—our vast knowledge-base and proven processes make migration seamless.
        • Simplify data organization by normalizing data into specialized templates for migration planning.
        • Stay involved and in control of the project with regular reporting and issue mitigation.
        • Enjoy predictable, flexible cost models tailored to your business needs.

        Bridge Resource and Skills Gaps?
        We have practical, hands-on experience in discovery and assessment for any IT discipline and can help you build roadmaps and recommendations and size your IT initiatives—even in complex and heterogeneous environments.

        • Get your own dedicated subject matter experts to assist you throughout the entire migration.
        • Benefit from our proven best practices, built from first-hand integration of five acquired companies.
        • Leverage our hands-on IT experience with thousands of certifications, including ITIL certification.
        • Achieve the business results you want with our knowledge transfer and adoption best practices.
        A Closer Look at Our Design and Transition Services
        From design and build to structured cabling to extra hands on site, our Advanced Services help you optimize your colocation investment and transform your business.

        Have Questions about Design & Transition Consulting?

        Get a free one-hour consultation with one of our experts.


        Get Expertise and Advice to Achieve Your IT Goals

        Choose from a wide range of capabilities to create the transformation your business needs.

        Take advantage of advanced services for customized, hybrid technology solutions—available on premises, in a CenturyLink data center or in a third-party data center. Also available as staff augmentation or a partial or full outsource.

        Assessment Services

        Discovery: Application & Infrastructure

        • Empirical data collection through use of automated tools, inventory compilation, workshops and physical audits
        • Consolidation of multiple data sources for customer information
        • Workshop sessions with customer subject matter experts

        Analysis: Baseline Inventory

        • Data normalization for application, database and dependency information
        • Infrastructure correlation for compute, storage and network and security
        • Considerations for optimization and consolidation
        • Assessment of physical environmental needs

        Design: Target State

        • Logical design documentation for compute, storage and network and security
        • Designs for physical and colocation power, space and cooling
        • Firewall and load balancer translation guide
        • Configuration documentation for infrastructure to be implemented (for CenturyLink-only designs)

        Design: Migration

        • Migration strategy documentation for application classifications
        • Application grouping schedule based on dependency and business requirements
        • Integration across all teams and domains, facilitated by experienced technical leads
        • Milestone project plans to frame-up the execution

        Migration Services

        Build: Core Infrastructure (for CenturyLink data centers only)

        • Custom and complex design implementation management
        • Order processing per migration plan
        • Network implementation
        • Connectivity validation
        • Server stand-up
        • User access setup
        • Storage allocation
        • Application of documented configurations
        • Preparation for application migrations

        Plan: Technical Detailing

        • Task-level application migration planning
        • Naming of resource assignments to tasks
        • Documentation of timing and dependencies for technical actions
        • Creation of detailed project plan

        Migrate: Over-the-Wire

        • Hands-on keyboard for greenfield and logical installs (web, applications, database)
        • Server-based migration transfers (V2V, P2V, P2P)
        • Database export and import
        • Deployment of firewall and load balancer rules
        • Data migrations (replication, sync, file transfers, portable storage)
        • Testing and validation
        • Go-live and cutover

        Migrate: Equipment Relocation

        • Source and target site readiness audits
        • Special handling arrangements (site and/or packing requirements)
        • From-To mapping validation
        • Logistics planning in conjunction with customer and required third parties
        • Coordination and management of physical labor and transport
        IT Enablement
        Whether you need to fill gaps in skill sets, supplement in-house resources or simply don’t know where to start, CenturyLink has you covered.
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