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        Technology Expertise That Delivers Real Business Results

        Introducing cloud-inspired professional services designed to help you move your business forward.

        Experienced Technology Professionals at Your Ready

        From the simple to complex, we bring deep domain knowledge, modern tools, expertise and operational ability to every project.

        Align Business and Operations

        Get the technical expertise you expect and align it with your business and operational objectives


        Cloud-Like Flexibility

        Choose resources and talent with fixed-fee or hourly burst-mode pricing


        Multi-Cloud Management

        Tame your multi-cloud environments with the powerful combination of Cloud Application Manager and Advanced Managed Services


        Get Depth of Expertise

        Go as deep or as broad as you need to assemble your team of senior-level experts that understand the intricacies of their discipline


        Improve Your Multi-Cloud Experience

        When you use Cloud Application Manager, you get the additional professional services, including cloud best-practice knowledge and experience to develop, implement and manage your multi-cloud environments.
        • Azure and/or AWS Training Workshop
        • Configuration and Deployment of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
        • Auto-Discovery of Existing Instances, Registration and Multi-Cloud Deployment Guidance
        • Versioning and Auto-Updating Box How-To’s
        • Review and Guidance of Deployment Policy Configuration with ALM
        • Deep Dive on Cloud Optimization and Analytics and Application Lifecycle Management

        Experienced Professionals with Any Discipline

        Our senior-level experts can help your staff deliver heightened-managed services on time by stepping in to supplement your talent with a variety of different roles.

        Client Success Manager

        Support your program and lifecycle management efforts and drive business objectives through IT initiatives


        Technical Account Manager

        Leverage expertise in operations and IT technology to heighten operational governance of IT environments?


        Client Technology Architect

        Develop and maintain optimal IT environments by getting recommendations based on utilization trending, historical problem tracking and technology evolution mapping?


        Security Account Manager

        Receive vulnerability assessments, briefings on new threats, recommendations to improve protection policies, design support for new security deployments, oversight on implementing security changes, compliance audit support and more


        Technical Service Engineer

        Get hands-on deployment, support and order changes in IT environments managed by CenturyLink. Our expertise includes cloud, applications, databases, Window OS, Unix OS, storage, backup, virtualization and network


        Outcome-Based Advisory Services

        Optional add-on advisory services are available that provide packaged deliverables for fixed one-time or fixed monthly recurring fees. Expanding set of fixed-priced security packaged deliverables including:
        • Network Penetration Tests—4 per Year
        • Network Penetration Tests—1 Time
        • Application Penetration Test—1 Time
        • Disaster Recovery Services?
        • Managed Optimization Services
        • Log Management Advisory
        • Intrusion Detect and Prevention Service Advisory
        • WAF Advisory
        • Content Integrity Advisory
        • DDoS Advisory
        • DLP Advisory
        • Anti-Virus Advisory
        • Palo Alto Firewall Advisory
        • Single Sign-On Advisory?
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