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        Protect Your Data, Applications & Endpoints

        Secure the messaging, web and other apps that intruders can use as entry points to your data.

        Is your data as secure as it should be?

        Data, Application and Endpoint Security

        Data is fast becoming the platform on which business success or failure is built. And your applications, from your external- facing web apps to your messaging apps, can be entry points to your organization and therefore play a critical role in helping to protect that data. CenturyLink helps you protect your applications and data through a holistic approach that includes email & web security, application code reviews and vulnerability testing, and data loss prevention programs.

        Find Out How Our Data, Application and Endpoint Protection Can Benefit You

        Email Security A gateway-based managed security service that filters and cleans email before it hits the network.
        Web Application Firewall Protect applications & block site scraping, hacking and phishing attacks without blocking your customers.
        Enhanced Cyber Security Use Department of Homeland Security threat indicators to block suspicious domains and emails from infesting your network.
        Web Security Web Defense’s layered security blocks quickly evolving online threats like spyware and viruses.
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