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        A Phone Solution that Fits Your Business

        CenturyLink Choice??Business phone solutions are built to meet your specific business phone needs with flexible, affordable, and reliable service.

        CenturyLink? Landline Services

        With CenturyLink? Business Phone Service, each package includes a line, unlimited calling, and a choice of valuable call features. You can also choose from a variety of payment plans, including month-to-month, 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month term pricing.



        Manage Costs
        Save time and money by aggregating your voice and data networks with CenturyLink.

        Proven Technology
        Gain the confidence and reliability of MPLS for voice service.

        Scalable Solution
        Support multiple locations on one service.

        Leverage Existing Investments
        Expand operations inexpensively by leveraging existing equipment (IP-PBX) for new locations.

        Access to Monitoring & Support
        Access network configurations, performance monitoring, trouble ticket submissions, and tracking from any Internet connection.

        Hassle-Free Transition
        Port existing POTS numbers to VoIP service.

        • Caller ID Name & Number
        • Business Voice Mail*?(surcharges may apply)
        • Call Forwarding Variable
        • Remote Access Forwarding
        • Call Waiting
        • Call Waiting ID
        • Selective Call Waiting
        • Series Hunting
        • Call Forwarding Busy/Don't Answer
        • Call Forwarding Busy


        • 3-Way Calling
        • Call Transfer
        • Series Hunting
        • Custom Ringing
        • Last Call Return *69
        • 6 CenturyLink 411??Directory Assistance Calls
        • Dial Lock?
        • Unistar??Wire Maintenance
        • Call Forwarding/Don't Answer


        *The Business Prime package does not include Business voicemail as a feature. Business voicemail can be purchased separately at a discounted rate.

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